Following are some of the Regular items detail by us:

IS:1239, IS:1161, IS:1978, ASTM Stds – A106 / A53 A333 GR 1,3,6/A672 GR. B 60, C 60, C70, CI. 12, CI.33 / A 671 GR. CB  60,  CC 60, Cl. 12, CI. 22, CI 32 / API 5L Stds- GR. A, GR. B, GR. X-42, GR.  X -46, GR. X52, GR. X60, GR. X70 etc

ASTM A312 TP 304, 304L, 304H,316, 316L, 317 321, 347H etc.

ASTM A 335 – GR P1, P5, P9, P11, P22, P91, A213, GR T1, T11,
ASTM A691 GR 1.25 CR CL.22, CL.32, CL.42 etc.

ASTM B161, B163, B165,B167,B407, B423, B444, B622, B668, B677, B729, DIN 17740, DIN 17742, DIN 17744, DIN  59755  etc.

Seamless & Welded Titanium & Titanium Alloy Pipes, Haste Alloy Pepes, NACE Pipes, Monel Tubes, Duplex, Steels, Claded  Pipes,  Pipes as per UNS Standard, Studded Tubes etc.

We are also doing internal & External Cement Lining on Steel Pipes as per IS:1916 & AWWA-C-205 Specn.

We can also supply Pipes & Tubes apart from above specification as per customer’s specific requirements and drawings.

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